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For a small business owner, dealing with the number of social networks there are today and trying to keep up with them all can be daunting.  How do you decide which might work for you and how do you manage to post to the two or three networks without having to visit each network individually? And if you do manage to find a way to do this, where do you get the ideas for what to post? And then once you post, how do you track and follow-up with comments your fans and followers make?

These are all questions those of us involved in social media ask every day. While I don’t claim to have solved all of these issues, I think I’ve come a long way towards answering most of these. This is exactly what I’ll be teaching in my  workshop on April 3 in Denver at the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) annual conference. The workshop entitled “Social Media for the Info Pro: Practical Advice on Setting Up and Running Social Media With A Minimum of Stress” will cover many of the tools and workflows I’ve found that work for me and I believe can work for anyone. One of the tools I want to outline in this post is Buffer!

I’ve been a big fan of Buffer ever since I became aware of it in Nov 2011 and immediately started using it. It’s usefulness is worth far more than the $10/month in the amount of time it saves me. Being able to post to two Twitter accounts, two Facebook accounts (personal and a business), and LinkedIn all from one single interface and set up a custom schedule for each account and have an unlimited number of posts in your Buffer queue. This in itself would be more than enough for me to rave about the web service but in addition, there are extensions for most major browser making it super easy to share content when you find it. Plus support for Buffer is built into over 35 other apps or web services.   For all of these reasons, I highly recommend Buffer and use it ever single day. If you would like more details into how I use Buffer and how it fits into my daily schedule then be sure to register for my workshop at the AIIP annual conference in Denver.

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