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Last Updated Feb 17, 2014

Note: Sites that no longer exist are in italics but left for reference.

About a year ago I gave an informal tips session at the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). It went over well and I decided to keep the pdf handout updated. I’ve always had an interest in Twitter and the various tools that make utilizing the service easier and more efficient.

If  you’d like to learn more about using Twitter and social media in general, I am teaching a workshop Apr 3, 2013 in Denver at the Westin Downtown.

If  your favorite Twitter related service hasn’t been mention, feel free to leave a comment.

You can also download a pdf copy of 66 Twitter Tool You Should Know About

All services are free unless otherwise noted. “Enterprise level” services or those that automate following/unfollowing are not listed.


  1. HootSuite: A dashboard to view and organize your tweets. Free & paid options.
  2. Buffer: Allows you to cue and schedule tweets. Very flexible. Free & paid options.
  3. InboxQ:  Find people asking questions about things you know (site no longer exists).
  4. TweetWhen: From HubSpot. Shows you what days and times get the most retweets.
  5. Tweriod: shows you when the best time of day to tweet is, based on when your followers are most active. Can take a while to process.


These aren’t as useful as they once were now that Twitter allows users to download all their old tweets.

  1. BackUpify: Free & paid.
  2. TweetBackUp: Free backup of your tweets.


  1. Twitter Advanced Search: Often overlooked but very powerful searching capabilities.
  2. SocialMention Real-time social media search and analysis (not just for Twitter).
  3. TweetGrid: Twitter search dashboard that updates in real time.
  4. Topsy: Real-time search for the social web. Google for the social web.
  5. Postpost: A tool that helps you to discover interesting tweets that might otherwise have been buried. (site no longer exists)
  6. Monitter: Real time twitter search tool that enables you to monitor a set of keywords on twitter.

Reputation Monitoring

  1. Klout:  measures your influence on your social networks.
  2. Kred Another good influence measurement company.
  3. TweetLevel: (currently undergoing change )
    Tracks our influence and shows the algorithm used to calculate it. Free and paid.
  4. PeerIndex: Measures influence by topic and person, etc.
  5. TweetGrader: Check the power of your twitter profile. Not always reliable recently.
  6. RetweetRank: Tracks your rank and retweets.


  1. Track information you post to Twitter by costume URLs.
  2. SocialBro: Powerful Twitter analysis. Free &paid.
  3. TwentyFeet: Helps you keep track of your own social media activities and monitor your results from different services all in one place. Free & paid.
  4. Tweetstats: Graph your tweets by time, day of week, etc.
  5. SocialBackers: Global twitter stats.
  6. Tweetreach: tells you who’s talking about it, how many people saw it, and who those people are
  7. Twitalzyer: Provides activities analysis of any Twitter user and gives a profile. Some free tools but basically a paid service.
  8. ManageFlitter:  Powerful Twitter account management Free & paid.
  9. KnowYourFollowers (formerly Schmap): Analysis of followers by location, gender, family status, likes & interests, profession, etc.
  10. Trendastic (formerly Twist): Trends of keywords or product name. (site no longer exists)
  11. TwittURL: Tracks popular URLs on Twitter.
  12. BrandTweet (formerly TwitterFriends) focuses on conversation & information aspects of Twitter users’s behaviors.
  13. TweetEffect: Find out which of your updates made people follow or leave you.
  14. WhoTweetedMe: Analyze a URL and show you its most influential retweeters, potential reach and timeline.
  15. Retweetist: What people think is worth retweeting right now.  Will reopen Apr 30, 2013.
  16. PeopleBrowser: Gathers stats about a user.
  17. TwitterCounter: Get Twitter stats on any user.
  18. Crowbooster Another analysis site that graphs how well your tweets are doing.
  19. wefollow: Tracks the top Twitter users based on the number of followers and lists them under different categories. From Kevin Rose of Digg fame.(site no longer exists)
  20. The Archivist: Twitter analysis

Organize and Filter

  1. Twitilist Easy twitter list management.
  2. Tweepi: Twitter management tool with stats. Free & paid options
  3. Twubs: Twitter groups built around content aggregated from #hashtags.
  4. A simple tool that mutes a Twitter user (site no longer in service).
  5. TwitListManager:  A tool to make managing lists easier. My current favorite
  6. Tweetbeat  Nice tool to do searches and make lists from the results.


  1. Twylah: Create an awesome looking website from your tweets organized by topic.
  2. Publish Twitter, content into an online newspaper and monitors your content sources to update your paper automatically
  3. Storify: Create social stories by curating social media content.
  4. The defacto standard for hashtag information.
  5. Rapportive  Everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.
  6. Analyze the people you follow and buckets them according to influencers, top members and many more interesting details. Free & paid options
  7. Twitter lists by topic.
  8. NearByTweets: (site no longer exists) geo-centric Twitter tool for social networking, building customer relationships, and monitoring real-time buzz.
  9. BackTweeets: Search for links on Twitter.
  10. Nurph: Twitter community real-time group chat.
  11. TwitSprout: Social Media dashboard. Free & paid.
  12. MentionMapp: app for exploring your Twitter network. Discover which people interact the most and what they’re talking about.
  13. TwitterLocal: A place for customers to connect to local businesses and then tweet about them. (site no longer in service)
  14. Twitterfeed: Feed your blog to Twitter, Facebook and more.
  15. Dlvr.ot: Distributes your blog to Twitter, Facebook and more.
  16. Twilert: Google alerts for Twitter. Receive alerts via SMS from Twitter that match keywords.
  17. Summify:  by Twitter. Summify sends you a summary of the most shared news stories from your Twitter network to your inbox.
  18. Summary of important tweets sent to your inbox daily. Also an iPhone app.
  19. TwitterFall: A waterfall or avalanche of tweets that are currently trending on twitter.
  20. Tweetwally: A neat tool for creating a ‘tweetwall’. Choose hashtags, keywords or users and Tweetwally will display them on a dedicated web page.
  21. TwimeMachine: Browse old tweets from your account.

My Favorite Sources and Resources (URLs for these are listed above except for Flip and Zite

  1. HootSuite  for desktop & iPad.
  2. Buffer: Can’t live without this one. Can easily add to my cue from my browser or anywhere by email.
  3. Flip for iPad: Very visual way to look at your Twitter stream. Works for other social networks as well.
  4. Zite: iPad app not specifically for Twitter but allows you to see your Twitter stream visually. An aggregated magazine.
  5. Rapportive: Everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. I like seeing who it is that I’m communicating with via email.
  6. I use this to analyze what I post.
  7. Topsy. My favorite social search engine.
  8. Social Mention: Real time social media monitoring. Great for seeing what the sentiment about a brand or topic is currently in social media not just Twitter.
  9. I now use TwitListManager.   I wish Twitter would just purchase these guys. I use this to manage my Twitter lists.
  10. BackUpify: I use the free version to keep all my tweet as well as Facebook posts backed up.
  11. If This Then That: Automate Internet tasks. not specifically Twitter related but has a lot of useful Twitter recipes such as backing up all your tweets to Evernote.

Twitter Lists of Tools

  1. Definitive List of Twitter Tools A list of tons of Twitter tools categorized.
  2. The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools Tons of tools in categories. (page no longer exists)
  3. 99 Essential Twitter Tools A 2009 article with brief descriptions of the various tools. Somewhat dated.
  4. Top 100 Twitter Tools: A great list of even more Twitter tools but the list is somewhat dated.
  5. Twitter Tools List Great source for all things Twitter.
  6. Definitive List of Twitter Tools  Another fairly comprehensive list of tools.
  7. 99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications  Older and somewhat dated.
  8. 60 (Still Working) Twitter Tools to Manage Social Media
  9. Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools!
  10. The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools
  11. The Only Twitter Applications List You’ll Ever Need
  12. Twitter Tools
  13. The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available – 2011 Edition
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  2. john says:

    Thanks for the List. Would like to mention who unfollowed me tool,which helps to see who were unfollowed our twitter account.

  3. […] 66 Twitter Tools You Should Know About. This comprehensive list published by Ed Vawter is organized into categories such as analysis and reputation monitoring. […]

  4. That’s a nice list Ed. Will surely come in handy in the future. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the compiled list. I also use this no-frills tweet dashboard check it out

  6. […] A categorized list of many Twitter tools to help you tweet. Includes other comprehensive Twitter tool lists as well.  […]

  7. […] A categorized list of many Twitter tools to help you tweet. Includes other comprehensive Twitter tool lists as well. […]

  8. […] 66 Twitter Tools You Should Know About (2013) […]

  9. […] 66 Twitter Tools You Should Know About. This comprehensive list published by Ed Vawter is organized into categories such as analysis and reputation monitoring. […]

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