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The following is a guest post from Reese Jones.

Blogging is never an easy task, especially for writers who are always on the go. Smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and even tablets have become one of many blogger’s most common companions when writing away from their PCs. Therefore, the demand for reliable blogging mobile apps is at an all time high.

When Apple launched its latest smartphone in India on September 2012, the iPhone 5 sold out within 24 hours, according to the Wall Street Journal India. The iPhone 5 has proven to be tough competition for Samsung when it comes to sales. So far, Apple has more apps available in their stores than Android devices. In fact, there are 585,000 iOS apps available across various stores, compared to Android’s 450,000 apps, based on research. It also revealed that users spend more time using mobile apps (94 minutes) than web browsing (72 minutes) on their devices. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that bloggers are now using mobile devices, to write too.

In this article, we’ll present to you the best blogging mobile apps for iPhone 5 users. Make sure you have them with you before you leave your home.


While writing on the go, arranging all your notes, files, and a to-do list, is really a burden. Evernote is a free application that allows you to organize your data and improve productivity. It works across almost all platforms including iOS, Android and Window platforms. In addition, Evernote has easy-to-install desktop software, so you can easily synch your phone to your PC or laptop and continue your blog draft. You can also upgrade to the premium plan that features offline access to your online notebooks, PIN lock to your Evernote app, and allow others to access and to edit your notebooks.


When writer’s block has stopped you from coming up with a great topic, Byline will provide you the top news and blog posts from your favorite websites, even when you’re not online. Developed by the Phantom Fish, this helpful blogging app allows users with a Google Reader account to fetch all the latest content including RSS and Atom feeds from their iPhone. It costs only $2.99 for iPhone and iPod touch users, and either $5.99 or free with ads on other platforms. Byline is also a great way to connect and promote your blog across some of the best platforms. There are also other ways to increase your blog’s traffic, such as incorporating social media strategies in your online marketing plan.


WordPress is the top platform used by bloggers worldwide. In fact, over 60 million sites are powered by WP worldwide, based on a research. Managing your page on this platform is never an easy task, but thanks to ManageWP, you can now upgrade the site, update a post, and access the files in one easy-to-use dashboard. This app is advisable for bloggers who handle more than one site, because you can simultaneously post content in all your sites in one click. ManageWP is also protected by that ensures all your blogs are free of harmful viruses.


Visual content attracts more readers, so make sure you add images and videos on your articles to break up long reams of text. Use Photobucket app when uploading photos directly from your iPhone camera. You can also take advantage of their extensive media library and easily grab photos from your phone and edit them before posting on your blog. It also features easy access to image URLs, album and media management; simultaneous uploads functionality and geo-tagging.

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