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I’ve had  chance to use the new iOS on my iPhone 5 for about a week now and wanted to share 5 things I like about iOS 7. I’ll start by admitting the new colors and flat interface take a while to get use to. However after a week of using iOS 7 on my phone, my iPad 2’s (which I left on iOS 6 for now) interface seems dated and I’m slowly warming up to the new look.


Here’s what I like in the first week of using iOS 7.

  1. I make fewer mistakes unlocking my iPhone. In iOS 6, I had a tendency to hit the delete button instead of one of my numbers when unlocking my phone. The new unlock number pad has the  cancel button farther away from the numbers and it has cut down dramatically on the number of times I mess up entering my unlock code.
  2. I like the larger font in the Maps app. At least to my eye, it seems the font in the Maps app is larger and easier to read. It just seems to be larger no matter what level of zoom I’m using. It makes it easier to tell at a glance what the names of streets and landmarks names are.
  3. Control Center: I love being able to quickly bring up some of the most often used settings by dragging up from the bottom of any screen. It saves me having to go back into the settings each time just to turn bluetooth or wi-fi off or on as well as other access other functions.
  4. Notification Center: Being able to pull down the Notification Center from the top and see Today is something I really appreciate. It makes it easy to see whats on my calendar of the day and tomorrow as well as having the weather. Great for a quick look before heading out.
  5. Airdrop: Being able to share items with those around me (if they have iOS 7) is easier than sending them by the Messages app of via email. I just wish Apple would make Airdrop on iOS and Airdrop on OS X work together.

Next week I’ll have 5 things I dislike about iOS 7.


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